R.Q.R Body Armour


Global Armour Quick Release Vest – Model R.Q.R

Front showing with MOLLE Pockets
Global Armour is pleased to announce the development of an innovative field tested Quick Release Vest (R.Q.R).

The importance of a soldier to quickly remove a ballistic vest is becoming more significant. Our vest can be removed in two key points by the solider at bottom and chest areas on the vest and can be reassembled inside 5 minutes.

Key Scenarios when this function is crucial are:

  • if a soldier falls or jumps into water and needs to quickly release the weight of his/her vest and equipment carried on the vest to swim to safety or dive.
  • if solider needs to become more mobile to evade a high risk situation then the vest can be removed quickly to increase speed and manoeuvrability.
  • if solider has been injured then medic can quickly release the vest and limit moving the injured solider.
This vest has been designed in close co-operation with special forces units deployed in conflict zones in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been developed over an 18 month period with many important modifications being made.
Rear showing special hydration system

Heavy Duty Extraction Handle

Key Features:

  • Quick Upgrade System: We have patented a very quick system which allows the vest to be upgraded with arm, neck and groin protection in a short time period without removing the main vest.
  • Unique 2-Way Webbing concept: Our webbing offers the user multi directional placement of their equipment pockets so our vest can be customised for a wide variety of operation.
  • Fast Grab Pockets: we have developed a very innovative pocket system allowing the user to quickly and quietly gain access to their vital equipment.
  • Low Profile Hydration System: long term developments with a major hydration manufacturer have resulted in a very low profile stay flat hydration system contained in a rear pocket of the R.Q.R Vest.
  • Development by soldiers: all features of the R.Q.R vest have been developed by serving soldiers so even every stitch, loop or buckle has been added and designed for an operational purpose.


The R.Q.R vest can be supplied with a wide variety of armour inserts with soft armour protection up to NIJ IIIA Classification plus a range of hard armour plate inserts for front, back and side coverage. These plates include very lightweight and high performance Boron Carbide or Silicon Carbide options.


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Quick Release Action – 2 Seconds to Remove Vest