Demining Equipment


Global Armour has developed a tailored range of protection equipment specifically for mine clearance and deminers working in high risk environments.

Our demining products can be provided to military engineers who are tasked with clearing a section of ground for safe troop movements and also to deminers operating in humanitarian missions.

Face Protection: Global Armour offers a wide range of protection solutions for the face of the deminer. Our face shields are constructed using 5mm thick polycarbonate materials as recommended in the United Nations Mine Action Standards (UNMAS). Our face shields are produced using high quality materials and can be equipped with anti scratch technologies.


Body Protection: we have developed demining search suits and aprons which can be produced to defeat a range of fragmentation threats in accordance with NATO STANAG 2920 standards. Our most popular armour solution will provide protection against fragments travelling at a speed of 450 m/s. The armour is lightweight and very flexible ensuring the operator is comfortable and has full mobility.

Explosive Search Suit Demining Apron