Covert Vests


Global Armour has developed a wide range of concealable interior vest designs for use by police, military and private security personnel which can be worn underneath clothing. Our designs range for very concealable vests for close protection work to semi-covert vests for security operations.


AFP Vest


Key Features:

  1. Breathable lightweight outer fabrics.
  2. Internal heat management materials to reduce perspiration.
  3. Discreet points of adjustment.
  4. Body contoured panels for maximum comfort and concealment.
  5. Innovative design features focused on the requirements of the end user.
  6. Systems orientated designs to ensure compatibility with other equipment.
  7. Can be used with range of soft and hard armour solutions.

Armour Options

Global Armour offers a large selection of armour solutions developed using the very latest fabric technologies. These are developed in accordance with the latest ballistic standards and also to meet any customer specific specifications. We also provide various multi threat solutions defeating handgun, stab and spike threats in one complete armour solution.


Vests are available in an extensive range of size options including made to measure sizing and we also offer female specific solutions for improved comfort.