Seamless Body Suit for Temperature Control



Global Armour UK is pleased to announce the development of our Highmark Protection seamless range of temperature control clothing suitable for use under body armour, fire suits, public order coveralls, EOD Bomb Disposal suits and other protective clothing worn by military, police and emergency service personnel.



A common concern with individuals working within defence and emergency services sectors is the build up of heat and perspiration caused by use of particular personal protection clothing such as body armour, public order coveralls, fire suits, EOD suits. This heat and discomfort causes increase in fatigue and reduction in performance. The Highmark Protection seamless cooling suit is produced using Thermo˚Cool® Duoragulation fabric.

Thermo˚Cool® is designed to optimise the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fibre cross-sections: Duoregulation™ adapts to the wearer’s needs.




Duoregulation in Action:


What is Seamless Technology?

A specific knitting technology using specialist circular looms to develop garments that adapt perfectly to all body shapes.


§  No seams mean no chafing or discomfort on the skin.

§  No stitching means optimum strength with no weak areas. Low product failure.

§  Super Fast production times.  





Benefits of the Highmark Protection Seamless body suit


§  Superior comfort and support.

§  Freedom of body movement.

§  Inherent softness.

§  Temperature and moisture regulation.

§  Odour control.

§  Adaptability to the body.


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