Military Body Armour


We work closely with our clients in the military field to develop bespoke vest designs with focus on weight reduction and increased survivability.  

MV/01  MV/02 MV/03 MV/04 MV/05

  • Vests can be produced with a wide selection of technical fabrics to meet specific end user requirements.
  • Internal heat reduction materials are used to combat fatigue.
  • Soft Armour panels are specifically designed for improved mobility and comfort.
  • Modular upgrades for Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Groin, Legs.
  • Wide selection of sizes and colour options available.
  • Extensive choice of Hard Armour Insert Plate technologies. 


Global Armour UK believes in offering a wide choice of sizing to cater for all shapes and gender differences so all vests provided by Global Armour UK are available in made to measure format to ensure maximum user protection and comfort. We have a choice of 50 sizes for Male and 50 Sizes for Female personnel.

Standard sizing is also available.

Soft Armour Protection

The vests are compatible with the complete range of Global Armour UK soft armour panels.

- Ballistic Armour Levels: NIJ IIA, NIJ II, NIJ IIIA, HOSDB HG1/A, HOSDB HG2
- Stab Resistant Armour Levels: KR1 and KR2 plus KR1/SP1 and KR2/SP2
- Fragmentation Armour Levels: Stanag 2920 V50 450m/s, 500m/s, 550m/s, 600 m/s, 650 m/s

Hard Armour Protection 
Our Military Vests can be used with our full range of Hard Armour plates as shown in our hard armour section.

Warranty and Insurance

All products are supplied with Warranty and each product produced by our company is accompanied by an extensive product liability insurance. Please contact us for further details.