Emergency Services


Global Armour currently supplies body armour to Emergency Services Personnel in various countries.  We pride ourselves in developing armour solutions that provide the highest levels of comfort and protection in the most challenging environments.

ES/02ES/01 ES/03ES/04

Extensive range of designs available produced using durable outer fabrics with heat management linings.

  • Designs can be customised to meet end user requirements.
  • Shoulder and side adjustment are standard features.
  • Vests can be equipped with pockets to cater for various equipment items.
  • Accessories include spare cover and hand carry bag to protect vest during storage and transportation.


 Soft Armour Protection

Our Security Vests are compatible with all Global Armour UK soft armour models developed to meet internationally recognised standards such as NIJ, HOSDB and other country specific requirements.

Armour materials can lose performance when exposed to UV Light, Moisture, Perspiration and Chemicals. In order to ensure long term protection all Global Armour panels are sonically sealed within a protective material.

 Sonically Welded Panels for Long Term Protection and Safety