Blast Protection


The blast resistant wall system consists of specially designed lightweight panels that are specified to the building and threat and fitted internally to the wall at risk. This low weight means that the structure will not need additional re-enforcement.

They come ready finished in a range of options meaning minimal redecoration work is required. The system is suitable for new build designs or for retrofit applications.

Unlike some other blast resistant wall systems, there is no need to prepare the surface by removing plaster. There is no hazardous vapour risk, nor is there a wasted space and re-decoration cost associated with some protective stud walls. A complementary glazing system can be incorporated in to the wall system.

The system is specified to the building and threat and engineering loads can be provided to structural engineers. The behaviour of the Blast Wall and its reinforced wall is modelled so that the wall behaviour under load is understood.

The panels are joined and trimmed to size to fit the wall.




     Blast Wall Test Video (loads external page)

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     Blast Blinds Test Video (loads external page)

     Blast Blinds Test Video (loads external page)

Blast Wall Testing

The Blast Wall has been tested extensively in the UK and abroad. The system has been proven to provide reinforcement of masonry against significantly large vehicle-borne sized devices at short range.

Whilst different configurations have been tested, each application can be trialled to ensure that it meets the requirement for non-standard builds or with additional components e.g. to meet ballistic protection needs.
Testing has also been used to validate the systems mathematical models and we continue to optimise the system and conduct tests to fully understand the range of its capabilities.

Blast Resistant Wall Applications